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About Hotel Canton

Hotel Canton

As the Reception Base of Guangzhou Municipal Government,Hotel Canton is the first national four-star executive hotel as well as the first hotel which has passed the ISO9000 and the ISO14000 international certification in Guangzhou area by Canton Fair Online.

      With the innovation in operation,management and corporate culture undertakings,Hotel Canton has kept forging ahead and made constant development in the fierce market competition,with Guangsha Hotel Management Corporation and Guangsha Travel Agency established successively. Meanwhile,Hotel Canton has successfully taken over the Guangzhou Luming Restaurant,Mountain Villa of Baiyun Mountain and Guangsha Hotel of New Baiyun International Airport . Its brand assets has been promoted effectively through the pluralistic management .

      Hotel Canton is serious in interpreting the service theory of "Send The Respect Into The Guest's Heart"and the marketing idea of "Send The Preferential Into The Guest's Hand "so as to provide comfortable and safe environment for the guests in its efforts.


Location : Beijing Rd Shopping Centre

To Airport : 50 mins to New Baiyun International Airport

To Railway Station : 20 mins to East Railway Station

To The Garden Hotel: 10 mins by walk