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Hotel Canton possesses 11 meeting rooms with the total area reaching 2280m2, including 3 big multi-functional banquet halls which exceed 500m2 independently and can serve various banquets and meetings for more than 700 guests. Additionally, it also provides Internet service and multi-media equipments renting services for banquet, meeting and exhibition.

Wuyang Hall

Wu Yang Hall is a splendid multi-functional meeting room, which has the capacity to accommodate 500 persons for meetings, exhibitions and seminars, etc. It can be freely used as a whole (Wu Yang Hall) or partitioned to form another small hall (Kapok Hall) to satisfy your requirement.

Conference Hall

After decoration, the Conference Hall more spacious and environment frindly and in better ventilation. It is divided into 4 hall. They can either be separated or combined, suitable for holding various kinds of meeting, banquet and exhibition.

Banquet Ball

Banquet Ball Hall is furnished in a natural and elegant style.It is suitable for the meetings with an attendance of 400 persons.It is an ideal place for holding large banquets, meetings and seminars,etc.

Yunshan Hall

The applied Yun Shan Hall, where media equipments and VIP rest rooms are available, is fit for holding meetings with 90 participants or having banquets with a scale of 8 tables. It can be freely used as a whole by connecting with Liu Hua Room.

Huachen Hall

The luxury Hua Cheng Hall and Yang Cheng Hall are on the 31 floor, where you can overlook the beautiful scenery of Guangzhou City.

Guangzhou Room

The luxury and elegant Guang Zhou Hall is on the 31 floor, reception room, meeting room and dinning room are all available. It is especially suitable for official and commercial business and banquets activities, etc.

101 Meeting Room

Meeting Room 101 can hold middle and small meetings and lectures for over 100 attendants.

7th Meeting Room

The meeting rooms on 7 floor: meeting rooms of various sizes are available for the use of small and medium meetings, trainings and seminars and so on.